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Jean Oriol

My name is Jean Oriol,  let me tell you a little about my story.  My siblings and I migrated from Haiti to the united states when we were young. My mother Yvrose Oriol, and my father Alphonse Oriol, believed we would have a better life here. But it was not easy, leaving our home land to start over in a foreign land was very difficult.   After years of schooling  and hard work I can finally say that we are here, that we are all a success story.  As for myself I have my own family, a beautiful wife and kids, but I could not do this without the support of all my families and friends.  Like  everyone that came here to the United States, we all shared that one common goal, and that goal is to realize the American dream. For my family and I our piece of that American dream started with family value.  A sense of purpose, and that sense of purpose started with hard work.  Both of my parents were really hard-working individuals,  And that’s what they  instilled in us.  They always wanted us to believe their value in hard work. And I believed that, So that’s what I’m offering in my artwork.  Hard work and dedication.

Testimonial for Jean Oriol  I am extremely honored to write a testimonial on behalf of Jean Oriol’s work of art. After years of hard work, he finally brought his visions to full fruition, needless to say, the end result was remarkable.  His hard work, tenaciousness, zeal, and endurance are exhibited through his beautiful paintings.  Each of his paintings are creative, unprecedent, capturing his artistic vison.   They are always fun to look at, and whenever I go to his website, I’ m always pleasantly surprised by the beauty of each piece.  The serenity and earthly reflections of his paintings create an ambiance of relaxation.  Highly recommend.

Karine Martin

I wanted to take a second just to recognize Jean Oriol for his ongoing contribution to the art world. I have known Jean for many years and I can say today that I am a proud and supportive member of his work. He is an art lover, spreading passion and love for art; there is a melody that runs through all of his work that marks it distinctive. He has shared many of his pieces on Facebook that have me going back for many views. He is also a wonderful human being. This is the one artist I feel good about, and I encourage you to try his work.

Peterson Maurice

Jean  Oriol is an amazing painter. His art brings  a lot of inspiration and  admiration to art lovers. His nature paints seem to come alive when you stare at them long enough. You can smell and feel the freshness of art. You can feel that you are actually part of the paintings because they enhance  your sense so much.

Pierre Nady

"I have known Jean for more than 10 years now and I consider him a close friend. During that time, I have found Jean to be sincere, considerate, astute, and passionate in all his professional and personal endeavors. All these qualities are reflected in his paintings and I am sure people will appreciate and be moved by his work as I am."

Claude Jean

A very satisfied customer

Why can I say, Jean pours his heart and soul into every piece he paints. The first time I saw the piece I bought from him I fell in love. My mother in law also fell in love with the painting I bought and wanted to take it from me. (You know I said absolutely not) Whenever I’m having a bad day I look at it and it all melts away. Jean’s paining brings me peace within. I couldn’t be any happier. Hopefully I can buy another soon. 


If you are looking for some special pieces,  take a look at Jean’s work,  his pieces are a reflection of him as an artist and a great person.  Every piece is special in it’s own way,  and also tell a story.  When you own a piece of his art, you will love it  just like I love mine.. 


This new artist has piqued my interest in art so much, that I have invested in 3 of his paintings!! From his landscape paintings to his abstract paintings, the vivid colors and shapes are truly beautiful to get lost in.  I'm looking forward to acquiring more!!

Keisha Lowe

A happy and satisfied customer 

Anyone who loves art need to contact Jean Oriol. Jean is not just an authentic artist, he is a good listener and honest person. He listens to the buyer's need and create a one of a kind piece of art to cherish.

Every piece of art Jean creates is personal and of the highest quality. I could not be happier with my piece. I hope to buy another one soon. 


just wanted to drop a note to let you know that Jean Oriol artwork Modern art arrived last week to my delight, the painting was even more spectacular in person. I am thrilled.  It has been a wonderful experience.  Thank you for all your care, consideration and extra touch.  it is nicely done, it has been a wonderful experience.

Thanks again. 

M. J, New York

I'm very fortunate to own a piece of Jean early creations.  I absolutely love abstract art and this piece is a beautiful addition to my home with its textures, expressive colors, and deep tones I'm excited of owning more and watching the rise of this very talented artist. 

Sonia Thompson

My artwork

I hope you have the pleasure of enjoying my artwork, the way I enjoying creating them.

All Collection

All Collection

All Collection

My artwork

All I'm offering you is a collection of unique, and original artwork.

 As an artist I worked alone, the relationship between me, and my canvas is really personal, but as an artist my job is to create, my job is to see things other people can't see, and take that and put it on the canvas, so that process is very personal, and at time overwhelmed.  so you understand when i say my art is an extention of me.